200+ 5 Star Reviews & Success Stories

100s of new qualified leads

“Idia helped me so much…she transformed my entire business, my mindset about my business. After working with her I grew my Facebook group by over 400 new members, had 100s of new qualified leads for my program, and tripled my prices! I highly recommend her!”
Amoya S.
Mindset Coach

Completely Transformed my Business

“Working with Santos has been absolutely pivotal in my business…in less than a lunch break…[he] completely transformed my business…”
Michelle A.
Head Coach at Richer Every Day

Worth Every Penny

“Definitely very valuable. Understanding how I operate…it made it clear the reasons why certain behaviors worked & certain behaviors didn’t work. And honestly, it was really affirming…it gave me a real boost of confidence. Worth every penny — and more.”
Vanessa R.
CEO of Playful Ceramics

cuteheads Success Story

5x more customers & Online sales

An ethical, sustainable clothing brand gains 5x more customers & increases online sales.

All while raising money for brave, strong girls.


When you’re an e-commerce brand and you haven’t been around for 100 years, the way you market & grow online looks radically different from, say, Patagonia or Nordstorm or La Mer.  

Your website, emails, ads, & messaging need a more clear, direct, & customer-centric approach.  That’s the truth that cuteheads discovered when trying to grow on Shopify through Facebook™ ads, social media, & email marketing.  

They saw other “competitor” brands with consistently sold-out products online, & after 5 years of growing through PR, retail, in-person pop-ups, brand collabs, & mediocre ads, they were ready to grow to the next level.

The Opportunity

In a nutshell, we were brought in to help cuteheads grow online through paid Facebook advertising.

We helped by using our proprietary Customer Conscious™ market research process.

Our research allowed us to learn the exact desires, buying criteria, & purchase obstacles the cuteheads customer was facing. Plus we gathered all of this data in the EXACT words of the customers.

This way cuteheads could create laser-focused copy & messaging that converted on their Facebook ads, website, & email so that they could grow more consistently & predictably every month.

The Results

The overall results in just (18) months? 

Their highest revenue month ever & a sold-out launch.

5X more customers than in the previous (5) years — combined 

517% increase in website conversion 

A more than 3X increase in online revenue.

All while giving a percentage of their profits to a non-profit dedicated to supporting brave, strong girls.

Extremely Powerful

“It may seem optional, but it really isn’t…it’s extremely powerful in helping you understand who you are, helping you understand what your’e here to do, & helping you understand how to get the best out of yourself.”
Ani Manian
CEO of Primal Six

From $150 an hour to $400 an hour

“When I first came to Santos I was coming in with just having a lot of ideas.
Just way too many things…
With him he helped me find strategy…
The cool thing about Santos, is he knows your language, where you are at in your journey with just a few questions and from there he’s able to find strategy and the next step you need in order to help your strategy expanding and growing…
He knows what he’s doing, and he’s going to take you far.”
Karla R.
CEO of Metafit Metamind

A Stress-Free Life

“You won’t have to look outside of yourself for answers. You will just understand how to filter your life accordingly. And that’s like heaven! For me it’s so…relaxing. It’s your own blueprint on crack.”
Surina Jindal
Director at I Am Ambassador

leMel Success Story

Doubled Online Sales

A mission-driven jewelry brand doubles annual revenue & consistently increases online sales.

All while donating to charities & disaster relief.


It’s one thing to get a bunch of new customers to buy from your online store — but retaining those customers is an entirely different beast. So many brands focuses almost exclusively on “new” customers in order to grow.  

But repeat customer rate & frequency is one of the key growth levers for any business & one of the fastest & most cost-effective ways to grow. 

That’s why, after sales at a charity event led to a surprise influx of new customers & their highest sales month yet, leMel knew better than to leave the retention of those customers & the future of their business up to chance.   

The Opportunity

Every client ultimately comes to us because they’re ready to grow their online business to the next level. leMel was no different. They came to us for help with their email marketing — and got so much more.

Our research allowed us to learn the exact desires, buying criteria, & purchase obstacles the leMel customer was facing. Plus we gathered all of this data in the EXACT words of the customers.

The leMel team created copy & messaging based on our research, then deployed it on their website, email flows, and email campaigns that allowed them to grow more consistently – even in the midst of a pandemic.

The Results

The overall results in just (8) months?

A 20-30% increase in online sales through email — every month 

A 43% increase in average order value 

A 49% increase in quarterly revenue — despite the pandemic 

A 51% increase in online store conversion rate 

An 80% (almost 2X) increase in annual online revenue

From $20k a Month to Consistent $100k Months

I’ve been at this big transition…
Santos gave me actionable steps to move from sporadic $20k a month to consistent $100k+ months…
Santos helps people understand their own entrepreneur profile, and exactly the steps you need to move up the ladder in your business…
He has a very straight forward system…
If you’re an entrepreneur getting to that next level…I would recommend working with him.
Ian Mcminn.
Founder of Smooth Selling

Million Dollar Strategy in 1 hour

“[Before the call] I had some reservations, but knowing you before hand I was like well, why don’t you give it a try. [My fear] was just that is it too good to be true? Is it possible to deliver that in just one hour?
[The call] was really powerful…Santos was able to ask some really deep questions…and completely shift my mind…I never saw it that way! …Now it’s a possibility that I can think about and pursue.
[This new possibility] absolutely can [help me make a million dollars in a year.]
And more importantly it feels natural for me to do this.
Jing Chai.

$720k ROI in 20 minutes

“I’ve read about [this NLP technique] before, and tried to do it …but it’s a lot even for me.
We did it in about 20 minutes…I can fire an anchor now, get into a positive state, and get out of procrastination and really be effective.
I [was procrastinating] somewhere around 45 minutes a day…now I can get inspired and motivated.
[The value of my time is] several thousand dollars an hour when I am doing my high value work.
That’s $720k a year [of return on investment]. These are real numbers!”
Barton Scott
CEO of Upgraded Formulas

Naturalicious Success Story

10x return on ad spend

A clean beauty brand sees a 10x return on ad spend during the holidays.

All while supporting & employing special-needs workers.


Any true marketing expert will tell you that advertising online is not for the faint of heart. There’s no magic button to push to unleash a flood of new customers in your business over night.  

And when you do finally get your ads dialed in, it’s only a matter of time before the competition & “algorithm updates” roll in & change everything — looking at you, IOS14 & GDPR. 

That’s what happened to Naturalicious. They tried all kinds of tactics to turn around their ad performance, including running tons of discounts that only attracted budget buyers who still complained about the price.    

So, after 6 years of growing through retail, PR, email, brand collabs, & underwhelming Facebook™ ads, they were ready to improve things & grow to the next level.

The Opportunity

Naturalicious came to us to grow online — consistently & predictably every month.

They wanted help improving their Facebook™ ads, so we used our proprietary Customer Conscious™ process.

Our research allowed us to learn the exact desires, buying criteria, & purchase obstacles the naturalicious customer was facing. Plus we gathered all of this data in the EXACT words of the customers.

Then the naturalicious team was able to improve their existing digital marketing, improve the copy & creative on their ads, & upgrade their website to dramatically improve conversions & online sales.

The Results

The overall results?

A 9.71X return on ad spend in less than 30 days 

A 50% increase in conversions from Facebook™ traffic 

A 23.5% improvement in website conversion

I was focusing on the wrong model!

“I feel so jazzed because I have so much clarity on my business…I was focusing on the wrong model!”
Emily Hart
Life Coach

absolutely mind blown

I am leaving here right now absolutely mind blown at the impact that this has had I moved through some things I’ve been working on for many many years. I am now going to be way more productive way more empowered, and be able to take things to the next level.
Ron Michael
Health Coach

Having this will 10x your business

“Having this will 10x your business easily…[thinking about attracting clients] turns me on! Working with Santos is a great investment in yourself to be able to improve on the work you’re already doing.”
Love Wanjiro
Intimacy Coach

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Ready to Grow Your Business?

Click the button below & book a consult & to learn exactly what your business needs in order to grow to the next level.