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The Entrepreneur Code™ is a custom blueprint for success that reveals the best way for you to market & grow your business, based upon your exact birth time

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A business that’s perfectly aligned for me

“I doubted how applicable this would be for me and my business… [and] I was feeling stress and frustration trying to figure out how to scale. [But the Entrepreneur Code gave me] insight and clarity around the business model that’s most aligned for me. It’s like the business version of a tailored suite. I highly recommend you check this out. It’s not like anything else out there.”
Ani M.
Entrepreneur & Coach
The fastest path to success

I value my time very highly…I was interested but I was like, “Man. This is huge chunk of time” [But] I get the best value out of things that really high-value, experienced entrepreneurs refer to me, so I was willing to just trust the process…There’s a ton that I got out of it. I definitely recommend it because if you want to grow your business…if you want to really be an entrepreneur at the next level that you’re looking at…the barrier is you. Always. Period. End of story. So when you invest in understanding yourself…that’s what’s going to the move the needle…it’s something I highly recommend”
Gabe A.
Entrepreneur & Agency Owner
It is absolutely worth the time and investment

“My biggest doubt when booking the Entrepreneur Code session was is this going to be applicable [so that I can] make a shift in my business. I was given a lot of clarity on what kind of avatar to serve, and how to price my offerings, my brand voice, and tone, and what kind of offerings I should be sharing in the world. It is absolutely worth the time and investment because you will walk away with actionable ways to create meaningful shifts in your business
Lee N.
Women’s Empowerment Coach

No More One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

Most business & marketing advice doesn’t take into account the most unique & important part of your business: you.

So, you end up:

  • Feeling like a failure: stressed out, burned out, frustrated, & disappointed
  • Wasting precious time, money, & energy on strategies that deep down just aren’t right for you.
  • Feeling like something’s wrong with you while watching other people succeed
  • Struggling & stressing about launches, campaigns, & how to grow
  • Feeling tremendous pressure, uncertainty, & anxiety about how to get to the next level
  • Angry & annoyed that you keep earning less than you know you’re capable of

But growing your business doesn’t have to be so confusing, stressful, & hard. There are a lot of different paths to success, but there’s only one that’s correct for you.

A custom Blueprint for success

Growing your business doesn’t have to be so confusing, stressful, & hard.

There are a lot of different paths to success, but there’s only one that’s correct for you.

And once you discover & follow your unique blueprint… You’ll see just how fast & simple it can be to grow the business you’ve been dreaming of.

That’s why the Entrepreneur Code™ is highly-customized to you:

It uses your exact time of birth to reveal (12) keys that will help you unlock your best path to greater success, income, & impact.

Including your:

  • Entrepreneur Type — your personality, strengths, & weaknesses as an entrepreneur
  • Business Model — your best business model for maximum income & impact
  • Success Strategy — the (1) strategy for you that will lead you to success every time
  • Purpose — your unique purpose & how that’s expressed in your life & business
  • Offer — the best offer for you to sell, & the best way to market & sell it

You’ll even learn the biggest vulnerabilities that will hold you back from success — so that you can avoid failure & fasttrack your success.

Once you understand how you’re uniquely designed to grow & thrive as an entrepreneur, success is inevitable.

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$997 / consult

A 90-min, 1-on-1 support call designed to help you:

  • Get clarity on any business challenge or question you’re facing
  • Discover the best way to grow your business
  • Better understand your Entrepreneur Code™ so that you can shortcut your path to success


$197 / Report

A highly-personalized, digital, downloadable report that includes:

  • 60+ pages of key insights to help you thrive as an entrepreneur
  • Your greatest strengths, weaknesses, & your best path to success
  • Your best business model, avatar, & offer to maximize your income & impact


$20,000 / Year

A 12-month, virtual group program that includes:

  • Highly-personalized training, consulting, & coaching to help you grow your business — in less time
  • Proven, simple, marketing & growth strategies that get results
  • A custom roadmap to help you guarantee success

Look what others are saying…

This is the answer

I was skeptical. So many people say they have the magic bullet….but a lot of people simply don’t have the solution or things fall short or they clearly overpromise & underdeliver. [But the Entrepreneur Code is] MINDBLOWING. Why TF isn’t everyone doing this? I’m able to have extreme clarity. Like mindblowing epiphanies, ahas…I easily & do recommend this to so many people.
Chris D.
Entrepreneur & Speaker

It returns 10 fold

My biggest hesitation was finding the right time…[because] I am running 3 businesses…and there’s a lot on my plate. [But] every time I invest some time into something like this it returns 10 fold…not just in terms of revenue, but also in terms of life fulfillment. Since my session…my energy has already improved as a result. What you’ve done really well is synthesize and simplify the astrology and human design work into actionable insights…[so you can] operate in your most effective, most productive, and most successful way.
Kylie R.
Performance Coach & Trainer

100s of thousands of dollars

There’s so much info out there…it’s so overwhelming. [But] I let my curiosity lead me. [During my consultation] I was sitting here kicking myself like, “Man! I wish I would’ve done this last year because I probably would’ve made very different decisions & saved myself 10s of thousands & probably if I’d had this (5) years ago, 100s of thousands dollars
You need to do this!!
Angie S.


Yup! The Entrepreneur Code™ is a channeled system based upon astrology, deep experience in business & marketing strategy, & a powerful system for self-discovery called Human Design.

Yes. For your Entrepreneur Code™ to be accurate, you must use the exact time you were born, down the minute.

Most birth certificates include your exact time of birth. So we recommend hunting down or ordering a copy of your birth certificate in order to make sure you have the correct time.

If you don’t have access to your birth certificate for some reason or it doesn’t contain your birth time, a talented Vedic astrologer can help you determine your time of birth

Sometimes it’s faster, but depending on our volume of requests, please allow up to 7-14 business days for us to deliver your Entrepreneur Codebook Report because we custom create every report, by hand, one at a time.

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